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What is a colposcopy?

A colposcopy is a test to an examine the cervix. It’s a routine and painless procedure, usually done if you had a cervical screening test (smear test) detect abnormal cells, or to investigate any abnormal bleeding.

What happens during a colposcopy?

  • During a colposcopy a speculum is inserted into your vagina.

  • The doctor will put a liquid on your cervix to help them see any abnormal cervical cells

  • A microscope is then used to look at your cervix in greater detail.

  • A biopsy may be taken from your cervix for testing. It is possible for abnormal cells to be treated during a colposcopy.

It usually takes less than half an hour and you can go home the same day.

What if I need further treatment?

If abnormal cells are found or if the cause of any bleeding is found then further treatment may be required.

How do I book a consultation?

You can book a consultation with Evi Bakali by clicking here.

Appointments are available via private medical insurance or paying for yourself.

Click here for the most up to date self funding fees and for private medical insurance information.

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