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Juliet Feminine Laser Treatment

What is the Juliet feminine laser?

The Juliet feminine laser is an effective, cutting-edge, hormone-free treatment, designed to treat vulvovaginal conditions including:


  • atrophy

  • stress urinary incontinence

  • tightening

Who is suitable for Juliet laser treatment?

Different ages of a woman’s life are accompanied by different experiences with regard to her intimacy and her sexuality.


Childbirth (especially natural) and menopause are just two examples of events that cause a change in the intimate area and vaginal environment, each of them accompanied by different disorders.


Annoying symptoms such as dryness, pain during sexual intercourse and unwanted urine loss occur much more often than you may think, with millions of women suffering from it.

The Juliet laser is specifically beneficial for women who:


  • Are going through the menopause

  • Have just given birth

  • Had cancer treatment

  • Want to improve pelvic floor muscles

  • Want to improve the quality of their sexual life

The Juliet laser treatment has already changed the lives of thousands of women

worldwide. Intimate well-being should not be a taboo anymore.


What happens during Juliet laser treatment?


The goal of the Juliet feminine laser is to stimulate new collagen and elastin production to strengthen intimate tissue.

The Juliet Laser treatment uses light to gently release energy into the tissue. The procedure is very similar to your annual check-up. Your doctor will insert the laser tip, which will deliver the laser energy in the form of pulses. The entire treatment takes only a few minutes and is fast, painless and discreet.

Two treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart are recommended.


What are the benefits of the Juliet laser treatment?

  • Hormone-free

  • Fast, safe

  • Painless

  • Takes less than 15 minutes without anesthesia, downtime or side effects

  • Immediate result

Juliet laser treatment is only available for self funding patients. Please get in touch with us to enquire about the price per session.

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