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Endometrial polyp removal

What is an endometrial polyp?

A polyp is a growth of tissue from the tissue that lines the endometrium (uterus). They are a common women's health condition.

Most polyps are non-cancerous but about 1 in 6 polyps have precancerous or cancerous changes within them.

What are the symptoms for endometrial polyps?

  • Vaginal bleeding after menopause

  • Bleeding between periods

  • Frequent, unpredictable periods whose lengths and heaviness vary

  • Very heavy periods

  • Infertility

What is the treatment for endometrial polyps?

Smaller polyps that are not causing you pain may go away on their own. You may be offered hormone medication which may lessen symptoms, however the long term solution is to surgically remove the polyps. 

Surgery is carried out via a hysteroscopy by your Consultant Gynaecologist, and the polyp removed and sent for analysis.


If the polyp contains cancerous cells, you may require further treatment.​

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