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Cervical abnormalities

What are cervical abnormalities?

If a cervical screening test (smear test) finds abnormal cells in your cervix, treatment to remove these cells may be recommended as sometimes if left untreated the cells can become cancerous.

What happens I have abnormal cervical cells?

Abnormal cells will need to be removed from the cervix to prevent them from potentially becoming cancerous.


It is important to note that abnormal cells does not mean you have cancer, it means the cells have changed and need to be removed to prevent them from becoming cancerous. 

How is treatment for cervical abnormalities carried out?

Treatment to remove abnormal cells from your cervix can be done by your Gynaecologist Consultant at the same time as a colposcopy if it's obvious that some of the cells in your cervix are abnormal. However, if it is unclear then you will need to wait for biopsy results to confirm if there are abnormal cells in your cervix.

Private Gynaecologist, Evi Bakali is a certified colposcopist and member of The British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (BSCCP).


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