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Stages and grading of gynaecological cancer

Stages of cancer

The stage of cancer describes the size of the cancer and how far it has spread. Cancer cells grow in an uncontrolled way and form a tumour.

  • Early stage cancer

Early stage cancer is when the tumour is contained.

  • Locally advanced cancer

If the cancer is large and has spread to nearby areas of the body

  • Advanced cancer or metastatic

If the cancer has spread to other areas in the body

Grading cancer

The grade of cancer describes how quickly it might grow and spread in the body.

Your cancer cells will be examined in detail to grade them from 1 to 3.

  • Grade 1

Cells which are fairly similar to healthy cells and grow slowly

  • Grade 2

Cells that resemble healthy cells but grow quicker

  • Grade 3

Cells that are very different to healthy cells and grow quickly.

It’s important to take the time you need to understand everything – remember that your healthcare team are there if you have any questions.

How do I book a consultation?

You can book a consultation with Evi Bakali via her secretary or direct with Spire Healthcare.

Appointments are available via private medical insurance or paying for yourself. Click here for the most up to date self funding fees and for private medical insurance information.


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