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Bartholin gland cysts

Women have a bartholin gland on each side of the opening of the vagina. The small glands release fluid to help lubricate the vagina. If they become blocked a painful cyst can form.

Symptoms of a bartholin gland cyst

  • Lump near opening of your vagina. If the cyst is not causing you pain then it may go away on its own.

  • Pain and swelling. If the cyst is particularly large it can feel painful and uncomfortable to walk and sit.

  • Intense pain. If the cyst is infected and an abscess forms, the area can be very painful, red and sore.

Treatment for bartholin gland cysts

If they cyst is not causing any pain then it may go away on its own. If it is causing pain warm baths and anti-inflammatory medicine may help it go down. If pain and infection does not go away then the cyst can be drained.

Balloon catheter insertion is a minor surgical procedure used to drain the abscess. A small incision is made in the cyst and the fluid drained out of it. A small thin plastic tube with a balloon is inserted and filled with saline to expand the size of the abscess. This stays in place for a few weeks until the wounded area has healed.

How do I book a consultation?

You can book a consultation with Evi Bakali via her secretary or direct with Spire Healthcare.

Appointments are available via private medical insurance or paying for yourself. Click here for the most up to date self funding fees and for private medical insurance information.


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