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All about Uterus (Womb) Cancer

What is the uterus?

The uterus, also know as the womb, is the space a baby grows in during pregnancy.

Symptoms of uterus cancer (womb cancer)

The symptoms of cancer of the uterus are:

  • Changes to your usual monthly bleeding

  • Bleeding between periods

  • Post-menopausal bleeding

  • Bleeding during sex

  • Change to your usual discharge

  • A lump in your abdomen or pelvis

  • Pain during sex

  • Blood in your urine

  • Pain in your lower back or pelvis

It is important to note that having these symptoms does not mean you have womb cancer as they are also symptoms of other conditions. It is best to get check out by a professional to rule out cancer and to treat the cause of your symptoms.

Causes of uterus cancer

You have an increased risk of getting cancer of the uterus if you have high levels of oestrogen. You can have higher levels of oestrogen if you take HRT, have never had a baby, have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), went through menopause late, and are overweight.

You may also be at more risk if:

  • You have people in your family with womb cancer, ovarian cancer and bowel cancer

  • If you have diabetes

  • If you have a faulty gene such as BRCA

  • If you have had radiotherapy

  • If you have been treated for breast cancer

Diagnosing uterus cancer

You may have the following tests and scans:

  • Blood test to look at your cell count

  • Ultrasound scan to take a look at the condition of your womb

  • A biopsy of the endometrial lining of the uterus, usually by a hysteroscopy


If you have been told you have womb cancer, you may require further tests such as an MRI or CT scan to determine the grading and stage of the cancer. Your treatment plan will depend on the size of your cancer.

You may have a hysterectomy to remove your uterus and cervix, and also have surrounding organs such ovaries and fallopian tubes removed if the cancer has spread.

Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

If you have cancer you will be put under the care of an Oncologist team. Chemotherapy uses medicine to destroy cancer cells and radiotherapy uses radiation to destroy the cells.

Visit Cancer Research UK for more information

How do I book a consultation?

You can book a consultation with Evi Bakali via her secretary or direct with Spire Healthcare.

Appointments are available via private medical insurance or paying for yourself. Click here for the most up to date self funding fees and for private medical insurance information.

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