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What We Offer

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Miss Evi Bakali is a Consultant Gynaecologist offering private consultations and treatments for many women's health conditions.

She has been practicing gynaecology since 2008 and sees patients for general gynaecological conditions such as menstrual disorders, ovarian cysts, fibroids, menopause, endometriosis and cervical abnormalities, with specific interest in gynaecological cancers and colposcopy.​

Conditions treated

Cervical abnormalities

If a cervical screening smear test finds abnormal cells in your cervix.

Gynaecological cancers

Cervical cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Womb Cancer, Vaginal Cancer, Vulval Cancer.


Symptoms experienced when your periods stop due to low hormone levels.


A condition that affects the ovaries by preventing them from releasing eggs, causing symptoms such as irregular periods, hair growth and acne.


A painful condition where tissue similar to the linining of your uterus grows elsewhere.

Cysts, fibroids and polyps

Benign growths in your uterus that cause symptoms such as bleeding and pain.

Menstrual problems

Painful periods, irregular periods, heavy periods, missed periods, PMS.

Vaginal prolapse

Womb prolapse, bladder prolapse, bowel prolapse, top of the bladder prolapse.

My consultant listened to me, explained everything so I understood exactly what my options were

Recent Gynaecology patient

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